Powering the next 100 years with profitable new technology.


We are leaders in clean energy solutions. We develop technologies that drive significant market growth and global change.

Zero Waste

Nearly 100% of landfills can become clean fuel. Patented, profitable energy sources.

Energy Demand

We believe 80% of energy spend is wasted. The future belongs to radical efficiency.

New Pathways

Many sources are overlooked; we discover a cleaner, more secure energy.



Our patented, post-revenue, zero-emissions, zero-landfill, scalable solutions to address global energy needs.

A responsible development of rich energy resources.


    Synergy Automation is an agile, innovative manufacturing partner focused on bringing purpose-driven technologies to market. 


    We align companies with world-changing products to grow, build and scale in a global marketplace. 


    Synergy Automation partners with businesses to support their unique growth with full-service manufacturing on the backend.


    Our experienced teams develop and deploy critical infrastructure across nuclear energy, defense, security, water, agriculture, and core commerce.

    Synergy Automation is committed to placing military veterans in positions of leadership.

    A new generation of manufacturing is here.

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    Synergy Thermogen uses advanced thermal physics to turn waste heat into clean energy.


    We replace expensive diesel and pneumatic sources with low-cost, reliable clean power. One unit of our technology reduces carbon emissions by up to 75 tons per day.


    Synergy Thermogen makes open flaring a practice of the past.  Our Solid-State energy production removes the flare, reduces the site's carbon footprint and noise, and helps mitigate violations. Meaning— massive savings in fuel costs, no choking back a well due to flaring restrictions, and reduced emissions.

    General Motors described our thermoelectics as “Best in the World” .  Our research is recognized globally, and our proprietary design and technology has been issues over 15 patents.

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The problems we are fighting may reveal the solutions we need. Imagine a world with local power, reduced demand, and zero landfill.  

Learn about some of the efforts to advance technologies, and our commitment to develop and deploy clean energy:

  • 1

    Waste heat to energy.

    New technology will generate power from waste heat.


    This heat loss can power the world for 73 years. 

  • 2

    Grow with Less Water.

    What if we could grow more produce with far less water?


    Future farms will reduce water use by 80%.

  • 3

    Waste tires contain fuel.

    Every waste tire contains a gallon of oil. What if 1B gallons of petrol per year were unlocked from landfills? Clean process. No emissions. No waste.

  • 4

    Jet fuel from waste.

    What if we made jet fuel from plastic bottles?


    We can clean up 21 Billion passenger miles (seat miles) per year. 

  • 5

    Spending water.

    Over 50% of fresh water in the U.S. is lost by steam generation in power plants. What if we doubled our water supply by 2025?

  • 6

    More light, less heat.

    90% of energy into lights comes out as heat.


    This incurs over $100 Billion of waste energy per year. 

  • 7

    Water from algae.

    What if clean water could come from algae?


    95% more energy efficient. Releases oxygen while making water.

  • 8

    Solid-state energy.

    What if a solid state battery lasted for 10 years or more?


    Never plug in your devices/ cell phone again. 



A team built on world-class engineers, proven operators, and seasoned entrepreneurs.

$500M+ Revenue

We've driven over $500M in revenue on 6 continents and over 100 countries.

Talented Innovators

Leaders from General Dynamics, NASA, GE, Tesla, and nuclear industries.

Committed to Clean

Developing new technology to help change the future of energy as we know it.



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